Name Plates

Name Plates promote a professional image for your company. They make customers feel more comfortable and employees know they're part of a team. Name Plates help promote pride, productivity, and profit.

When you want to be recognized
...there's nothing better than a name badge.
  Choose from our wide selection of executive, premier, standard and custom name badges.

Order 1 or 1,000 and receive great quality, service and value!
What's In A Name?  

Recognition Express has provided companies, schools, and organizations with custom engraved name plates to fit all of their needs. To ensure maximum versatility and usability, our engraved name plates can easily be swapped out from one holder to another: simply remove your custom engraved name plate from a metal door holder and slide it into a desk holder--instant desk name plate. Simple, quick, and hassle-free--order.

Custom Business Card Holders

Choose from our many styles of customized business card holders. They are a great way to welcome your visitors while promoting your company right on the reception desk. Holders come in a variety of wood and metal finishes. Customize your name plate with screen printed or engraved logo’s, names or emblems.

Name Plates with Business Card Holder

What a great impression you can have with a rich walnut name plate that holds your business cards for easy access and distribution. Have your company logo printed right on the name plate and personalize it with you or a valued employee's name.

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