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  Boldly promote your logo recognition while identifying your associates with this economical choice.

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Protect Your Badge With Our Epoxy Doming Process
  All badges can be protected with our epoxy doming process at an added charge. With this process, minor scratches rub out easily, prolonging the life of the badge. Your badge will have an elegant luster and shine. Proudly provided by Recognition USA.  

Did You Know...
In a study completed in October 2003, 59% of all consumers polled wanted to know the first name of the person assisting them. The vast majority (79%) felt the organization was more professional and reputable when its employees wear name badges; 64% felt employee badges made the employees more responsive to their needs!

What about logos? 68% say logos on name badges, whether visitor badges or employee badges, helps when trying to identify the staff.

Did you think the older crowd would insist on name badges? Think again. Consumers 44 and younger were twice as likely to consider nametags a necessity.
An economical, no-frills frameless selection . Standard shapes are shown here. A wide selection of standard sizes, surface colors, and printing colors are available. All fasteners are available.
Achievement Pins/Jewels  
Corporate culture can be communicated effectively with badge toppers and achievement pins added to the badge. Designate an employees’ accomplishment or loyalty by adding a beautiful custom jewel to their badge for everyone to see. Our friendly staff is available for consultation and will work closely with you to create a system tailored to your business objectives and goals.
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