Recognition Express offers custom and stock interior signs designed to meet building, fire code and ADA requirements, evacuation and area of rescue assistance signs can be completely compatible with all standard sign systems. Standard mounting is vinyl foam tape. Our signs are available with Braille for ADA compatibility.
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Recognition Express manufactures stock and custom ADA signs that are both attractive and resistant to vandalism. Available in a wide selection of colors, letter styles, and designs, our ADA® signs meet specifications that conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, including Grade 2 Braille translations.

For more information on ADA compliance, please visit the Americans with Disabilities Act Home Page at www.ada.gov
  Are You in Compliance With the ADA?

Did you know that U.S. companies are required by federal law to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

This 1992 law was designed to make many kinds of facilities more easily accessible to the disabled. Under the ADA law, many businesses may be required to provide the following elements, all of which involve special signage:

  • Accessible Parking Spaces and Wider Walkways
  • Accessible Passenger Loading Zones
  • Accessible Entrances
  • Directions to the Nearest Accessible Entrances
  • Accessible Restroom Facilities
  • Areas of Rescue Assistance
  • Volume Control Telephones (including Telephone Devices for the Deaf)
  • Tactile Signs for All Permanent Rooms and Spaces
  • Directions and Information Regarding Functional Areas
  • Elevator and Hoistway Signage
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