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  Now, for the first time, a corporate name badge in any color, with any any shape and style! It's the evolution of a badge technology for better quality and color.  

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Protect Your Badge With Our Epoxy Doming Process
  All badges can be protected with our epoxy doming process at an added charge. With this process, minor scratches rub out easily, prolonging the life of the badge. Your badge will have an elegant luster and shine. Proudly Provided by Recognition USA.  

Do It Your Way!
In a service oriented business climate, where restaurants, hotels, retailers, banks, and all the hospitality groups devote so much money and time to fostering customer loyalty and enhancing the customer experience, this particular detail, a custom name badge, should be treated to consideration and given the same attention as that attributed by your customers.
Using the latest computerized engraving systems, Recognition USA is able to create a precision etched name badge, and if desired, can be hot stamped with a colored imprint of your logo; tailored to match your needs. Selection options ranging from sizes, colors, shapes, fasteners--with the ability to add your own images and/or logo--means that we can meet your custom engraved name badge needs. Custom name badges are available with magnetic and other fasteners.
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