Customers and visitors feel welcomed when signs direct them into and around your building. Professionally designed and coordinated interior sign systems by Recognition Express make sure employees and guests get to the right place quickly and easily.
When you want to be recognized
...there's nothing better than a name badge.
  Choose from our wide selection of executive, premier, standard and custom name badges.

Order 1 or 1,000 and receive great quality, service and value!
Corporate Signage
When your company decides to change its identity either because of a merger acquisition, or merely to update their existing logo, all signage will need updating. Recognition Express can assist you in handling your corporate signage needs with a varied assortment of ideas. Individually created to fit each unique space, complement its decor, and reinforce corporate image, Recognition Express signs all come with a satisfaction guaranty.
Finding Their Way - Finding You
Directory Signs are used both inside and outside of office buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, etc. Directories can be illuminated and non-illuminated and can be freestanding or wall mounted. Recognition Express carries a wide range of design, color, style, and size options to compliment your building interior design.

When it comes to up-dating or changing your directory sign, Recognition Express provides an ordering system that makes up-dating easy. Inserts can be removed or replaced in a matter of seconds by your staff.
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