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All too often, a very special contribution goes, not unnoticed, but unrecognized. Successful organizations address their ongoing needs for employee retention, employee reward, and increasing employee morale by implementing an employee recognition program.
When you want to be recognized
...there's nothing better than a name badge.
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Make the Most of Your Employee Recognition Program
Customized programs from Rcognition USA are designed to recognize employee achievement, service, dedication and to express appreciation. Increased commitment and loyalty to your company is accomplished by improving and maintaining morale, honoring initiative and contributions by employees. Awards can also reflect length of service allowing managers to recognize long-term achievements.
There are numerous benefits working with Recognition USA. By designing a custom solution we are able to provide an efficient, cost-effective program that allows you to reward your employees with brand name merchandise tailored to your budget and presented in an innovative way.
Service Recognition  
Career achievement awards are presented by more than 90 percent of North American organizations. They are the foundation of effective formal recognition – helping you recognize every employee, open communication channels and reinforce what matters most to your organization.
  Performance Recognition
Employee recognition is a proven tool to dramatically improve workplace satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, in the largest study ever conducted on workplace satisfaction, recognition ranked among the top four items that were consistently found in workgroups with higher employee retention, customer satisfaction, productivity and profits.

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