Your Brand


Most companies want to put forth a professional image to the public. If your people deal with the general public at all, a nice, readable name badge is a good way to depict this professional image. The badge should identify the company with its logo, and the person’s name should be large enough to read at 8 feet.

Have you ever been in a restaurant and had either a great waiter/waitress (or a poor waiter/waitress) and wanted to report this to the manager? Most people remember names better when they see them as opposed to hearing the name. I’m always impressed when I see a name badge on my waiter/waitress. I call the person by name, and it’s just an overall friendly experience.

I’ve recently shopped around for cars. Some car dealerships have nice, professional-looking name badges on the sales people. I always knew who I was addressing. Other car dealerships do not badge their people, and it’s hard to remember names. You start with the sales person, then they bring out the bigger power to negotiate further, then you meet with another person to sign the deal. It’s hard to keep them all straight without being able to see their names on their shirts.

Name badges “break the ice” and keep your company logo and your employee’s name in the mind’s eye of your customer.


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